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Importing contents from the old flashrom wiki is a bit delicate because most contents were never licensed. Therefore, we reach out to the original authors to license their contributions, preferably under the CC BY 4.0.

With the following table, we'll keep track of the progress:

Author queried answer
dhendrix via IRC vague ack
GNUtoo via IRC originally licensed contributions under CC BY-SA 3.0/4.0 / GFDL
Hailfinger via IRC vaguely agrees ("don't have to ask me")
Linux junkie licensed individual pages under CC BY-SA 3.0
Nico agrees to CC BY 4.0
stefanct via IRC vaguely agrees
stepan via IRC
Urjaman via IRC agrees to CC BY 4.0
Uwe via email everything CC BY unless mentioned otherwise

Importing Process

Imported contents show the name of the importer in the history. Proper attribution needs to be taken care of manually.

So far, Git-Mediawiki was used to import individual pages with most of their history. The process is tedious, though, and requires to manually enable password-based authentication for the wiki.