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Public mailing list

Flashprog related mails are welcome on the flashprog mailing list at This list is used for all flashprog matters, like development discussions, success/failure reports, and support requests.

Please do NOT send any BIOS images or F segment dumps to the list! E-mails with attachments bigger than ~200 KiB will be rejected. If you need to send pictures, please make sure they are compressed appropriately.

Please note that the list is moderated for non-subscribers and we recommend to subscribe first. Either via the web interface or by sending an e-mail to




Moderation rules

If your mail is too big (the current limit is 256 KiB) or if you're not on the subscriber list, your mail will be held for moderation. If your mail contains any BIOS images or F segment dumps (instead of links which are fine), the mail will be rejected for legal reasons (we do not have the right to distribute BIOS images).

Moderation howto for moderators.

IRC (real-time chat)

Some of the flashprog developers and users hang out in the #flashprog channel on the IRC network. If you don't have an IRC client, you can use the webchat.

Here you have the chance to talk to people being involved or interested in this project. Most of the discussion is tech talk and user help.

Do note that IRC's nature has a significant effect on conversations. People from all over the world can join this channel, with many different cultures and timezones. Most people are in the CET timezone, so the channel may be very quiet during CET nighttime.

If you have a problem and would like to get help, don't ask for help. Instead, just explain your problem right away, and make sure to describe the situation as much as possible, so that other people can understand you and provide meaningful answers. Otherwise, others have to ask or guess the details of your problem, which is frustrating for both parties.

If you receive no replies, please be patient. After all, silence is better than getting replied with "IDK". Frequently, somebody knows the answer, but hasn't checked IRC yet. In any case, please do not leave the channel while waiting for an answer! Since IRC does not store messages, replying to somebody who left the channel is impossible.

To have persistence on IRC, you can set up an IRC bouncer like ZNC, or use IRCCloud. Please do not publish any logs of this channel.

Most of the time, people use IRC on wider-than-tall screens. Because of this, consider that pressing the return key is expensive. Instead of sending lots of tiny messages with only about two words, prefer using longer sentences, spaces and punctuation symbols. If reading and understanding your messages is easy, replying to them is also easy.

Should you need to paste lots of text (more than three lines), please use a paste service. For flashprog logs, feel free to use Other good paste services are,,, and

Questions on coreboot, OpenBIOS, open-source firmware and related topics are welcome in #coreboot on the same server.